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What happened to the people at James Ray's retreat is tragic, and I'm sure that his ego and a surrender of personal authority pervaded the event. I looked at every marble starcase I found but no where was my envisiones one. Like you say, this takes responsibility, however the ability to respond comes from learning by the mistakes made whilst mapping the uncharted borderlands.

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How wonderful to find that we share so many experiences that relate to our upbringing.

But in your instance I just had to break my own rules.
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Not understanding why you'd say he isn't one.

Great friendships have been borne between NWTA participants simply by sharing the journey into self-discovery with another.

Here is how!

They hide behind masks that are brittle and in need of repair.

In other words, is it a marketing company that needs to do something with the people once they get there?

If I brought something from school he had not bought, i would be proclaimed a thief and given yet another beating.

How about you?

Babies were being burned alive with scalding water.

Take a look if you want[

Then, I recalled how educational leaders consider superb teachers those who prevail over their students and manage to control their behavior.

I am not sure what actual religious scholar would compare them.

Developing a keen awareness of the sytematic structures these guys use to operate might save someone a lot of money; or maybe their life someday.

You are so right-on!

Children of Christians are not beaten or killed for leaving the religion.

Involvement with the ManKind Project is often recognized to have positive effects for men in recovery from chemical addictions or a history of addictive behavior.

But perhaps the most important question is where to cults come from and will they always exist?